Homepages (Start Pages) are an excellent way for employees to view information which is held in Synergy. They are also excellent for users in providing links to other Synergy screens or outside applications. Many users use the standard out-of-the-box Home Page and never explore further or have built for themselves additional homepages.

A single Synergy User can have multiple Homepages. On my demo system, I have over 30 of them, which allows me to show different activities and information based upon the roles that employees may have. When the Homepage drop-down is selected in your Preferences / Menu / Toolbar / Dashboards – all of this extra functionality will be visible for use.

Some of the most common widgets to add to a new page include:

> Quick Searches (similiar links to the search fields in the left menu
> News Pages (for Internal Communications)
> RSS feeds
> Favorites
> Recently Viewed
> Toolbar
> Menu
> Pivot Analysis
> Documents
> Pictures
> Me – (Monitor section displaying hyperlinks to my documents, my workflow, etc.)
> Workflow
> Tasks
> Calendars
> CRM screens regarding Opportunities
> SSRS Reports