In Synergy, you may set it up to allow Resources to create Non-Validated Accounts, rather than Prospects, Suspects or Leads.  Over a period of time, the list of these Not Validated Accounts need to have some clean-up.  In a standard Synergy Search, you are able to find these Accounts.  If you wish to delete them individually, you are able to, assuming there are no requests or documents linked to the account.  This could be a time consuming process if you have many of them.

The functionality available at the path “Customers / Setup / Cleanup / Accounts – Not Validated” allows you to set some parameters and have those Accounts deleted.

You may use as criteria:

1.  Last Changed >= ??????
If an Account has not been edited for the value (in months), use this value.  It could be any value from 1 upwards.  This is a Mandatory Field.

2.  Linked Request <= ??????
This process will allow you to select the number of requests that may have been created or used with this Account and will allow the deletion of the Account and Requests.  The only acceptable values are 1, 2 or 3 requests.

Once the filtering has been completed, you can display the Accounts that meet the search.  You may delete all or select the ones that you wish the process to delete.  Once deleted, they are gone from Synergy and there is no undo process.