I have been using this version in some of my demo machines for the past 6 months.  After my first impression of “What Did They Do!!!”, I have found it to more intuitive to use and demonstrate to other users.  New Synergy users, that have never seen a previous version catch on very quickly, while existing Synergy Enterprise users may need to have 15 minutes of awareness training.

In addition to the new interface, a few functions are no longer available, although Exact is working on possible bringing them back.  They include:

1.  Searches – When separate fields were used on the left hand menu, the selected text would remain in the field.  With only one search field available, this is no longer possible.

2.  Show Suggestions – With the left hand menu searches, it was possible to show “Suggestions” when entering a part of a name or other value.  You may begin typing Rob and possible suggestions would appear such as Robert or Robin.  This functionality no longer exists.

3.  Workflow Alerts – It was possible to receive notifications when new workflows were created.  When this was enabled, it would display the total number of unread workflow requests.  This would appear at the bottom left hand of the screen, in the menu section.  It is still possible to have a pop-up display when new requests are created.  This is possible by enabling this function in your Preferences.

If these functions are important to you, notify Exact Software Support and ask that they put in an enhancement request.  This is the only way they will be added back (if possible) by users requesting the feature.