This tip was found on Exact’s website this morning and I am just passing it on along with my comments.

We have three parameters that are available when hyperlinking to a Synergy document, such as when you are building Start Pages. They include:

> &noheader=1
> &nofooter=1
> &nosubject=1

These parameters are linked to a document in this manner. They may be changed together to provide different looks for a document.

I always suggest that you start at the DocView.aspx? instead of the full URL. This ensures that if a new path is created, URLs will still work. After a lot of changing URLs on my demo machines, I have found this quite useful for ALL HYPERLINKS in Synergy Enterprise.

To get this document URL, in the document once stored in Synergy, right click you mouse and select Properties. The URL will be displayed.

Sample URL with No Header Displayed

Sample URL with No Footer Displayed

Sample URL with No Subject Displayed

Sample URL with No Header, Footer and Subject Displayed

Play around with this feature. It may give your document screens a new look when displaying documents to your employees.