In Synergy Enterprise, you have the Version Management functionality available for Documents.   Multiple versions of a document may be created and one single version of the document (the Active Version) is made visible in Synergy.

To use this Document Versioning, you may look at the title of a document.  If Versioning is used for this Document Type, you will see the Version #, Active  on the Title.

Whenever you wish to add a page to save it as a Favorite or use it for a custom Start Page, you normally click on the Favorites hyperlink.  You will view the URL and see the information “&VersionNumber=1” or another number.  If you accept this hyperlink, it will always point to that document and version.  If the version is inactive – you will not be able to view the document.

To ensure that you are always using the correct version, edit the hyperlink to remove the ” &VersionNumber=1

doc version