I have been asked by Synergy Enterprise users – “Why do I need this License Role?”

The enhancement of Synergy Enterprise makes it possible to develop solutions on top of the core business product. The possibilities of other solutions can include:

  1. The Extension of existing functionality of Exact Synergy Enterprise. This can include:
    • Presenting extra information on a maintenance page or search page
    • Presenting extra information in the toolbar, modules section or add extra fields in the left ‘my work, create & search’ and display this information by the preferences tab.
    • Presenting extra information on the homepage with new web parts
  2. Extending the functionality of Exact Synergy Enterprise with new modules, new maintenance pages, search pages, list pages, etc.
  3. Extend the database model of Exact Synergy Enterprise to store extra information
  4. Extend or develop, logic to ensure the (extra) information is stored according to the requirements
  5. Exchanging data with third party products to keep in sync or to prevent entering data twice

This license is now included as part of the core EM10 software solution.  Other Exact products such as Progression, Macola ES, JobBOSS, MAX, Globe, Exact Online and standalone Synergy installations may require this tool for linking of data between the back office database and Synergy.  This will include the use of the InterConnect tool which supplies Items, Sales and other data on Synergy screens.

Many of the tools sold on our website require this license for each member of the organization that may be utilizing some of its functionality.  We recommend that a license is acquired for each Synergy License purchased.  This ensures that no functionality is lost to an employees due to the lack of the license.