This error may appear with one of your resources utilizing Synergy Enterprise when they are accessing the SOI (Synergy Office Integration) Tool with Outlook, so I thought this information may be useful to our registered users.  It is from Exact’s document  25484443.

An error has occurred in a script on this page, line 33/34 when using Synergy Office Add-In

With the Exact Synergy Office Add-in, it is possible to save e-mail documents from Outlook to Exact Synergy (Enterprise).  When an e-mail is saved a pop-up windows will apear, to define the settings for this document in Exact Synergy (Enterprise).  It could be possible that the following error appears, when clicking a search button in this pop-up window:  ” An error has occurred in a script on this page, line 33 (or 34) ”

To prevent this error from occurring, the next settings should be checked:

Does the domain user (windows login) have rights to enter Exact Synergy Enterprise?  Start Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Go to Tools > Pop up Blocker > Pop up Blocker Settings; Add the Exact Synergy (Enterprise) URL to be excluded from the pop-up blocker.  It is also possible to disable the pop-up blocker, to prevent the error message; If this does not yet solve the issue, than add the Exact Synergy (Enterprise) web URL to Trusted Websites in Microsoft Internet Explorer settings (Tools > Internet Options > Security)