This posting was asked by a Synergy User in one of the Linked In Groups that I follow.  The comments that follow are from two very knowledgeable Synergy Users, my friends Shawn Gamble and Ken Sewell.

The Posting:
Can any one help shed light on the correct syntax to launch an ESE favorite in a new browser window rather than in the current content frame?

The Replies:
Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3
As a side note later on If you want to launch a new window from a SSRs report.  Trust me this is very handy at times.. here is the syntax for doing so. This is an example for a guid field… which is also unique in how you pass it.


Option 4:
Holding the shift key while clicking will cause the window open in either a new tab or a new window depending on how you have your browser settings defined.