When importing Accounts (see a previous tip), you can use an Excel Spreadsheet to format your information and make it easier to ensure a successful upload.

If a field is required, in your Synergy New Account screens (Prospect / Associate / etc.), then it must also be a required field for the import within Customers.  The attached spreadsheet provides many of the fields that are available for import with Exact’s tool.

If the field is not available, you may use a free field to upload the data into Synergy and have a SQL script move that information to another field.  This should only be done by a person with SQL knowledge or a Synergy Consultant.

Download this file here:    [download id=”5559″]

We have download templates available to customers using our other Import Tools for Synergy Enterprise that includes Documents, Items, Requests, People, Projects and Sales Opportunities (in development).  Call us for these templates.