FavoriteA “Favorite” is a bookmarked Synergy Enterprise page which allows you ease of access.

At the top of every screen, there is a icon that may be clicked on, which will lead  you to the creation of a new Favorite.

I often use favorites when I have certain documents that I wish to access easily.  In your business, these documents may be procedure manuals.  When working with  requests, having more commonly used as Favorites makes me more productive.  I have over 250 different workflow requests on my demo system, so when I need to find a specific one which I use frequently (but is not on a Home Page as a hyperlink), I save them as a Favorite.

If you are working specifically (and spending a lot of time on it) on a Project, Account, Opportunity or Item, it may be useful to use Favorites.

When using Favorites, it becomes very useful to set up multiple categories.  I always use my default category for the screens that I wish to access the fastest.  Additional categories are used for my lesser used Favorites (which are still handy to have available).

If you are not using Favorites, you may find this a beneficial tip for your interfacing with Synergy Enterprise.  For users with this functionality, maybe it is a good time to check over your current Favorites and Categories.