For you early adopters of the latest General Release of Synergy Enterprise (now 255), this information was provided by Henke Willemsen, a Senior Business Consultant with Exact.  I have modified it for this posting.

Synergy Enterprise 255 comes with a new user interface, and provides us with a new set of icons. These icons are vector images, so they can be of perfect use for dashboards or startpages.  Without having to distribute icon-images, you can easily distribute some code to create new startpages.

To use these icons, you can follow these three simple steps:

  1. Create a new document (for example: webpage or startpage)
  2. Paste the code for the icon in the HTML section of the document
  3. Start Using, after saving the document

Of course for each of the icons, you are able to:

  • change the link (adjust the current: ‘HRMResourceCard.aspx’ );
  • change the text (adjust the current: <h8>hrm</h8>);
  • change the width (adjust the current (width: 30%)

The biggest benefit of using this icon set is that it adapts to the colors of your stylesheet, which is set in your Preferences.  With version 255, Exact has minimized the number of stylesheets, and they look good.

It is easy to use the document in your homepage; just create a new widget ‘document’ and select the document you just created.

Attached to this posting is a document displaying each of the new icons (remember you change change the labels to fit your requirements!  [download id=”5333″].