When you wish to add Free Fields on an Item Card, you need to select the fields from the Assortment Card.  Each Assortment can have their own selection of Free Fields.  Fields that available include the quantity and type:

10 Free Text Fields  (Label & Selection Values)

5 Free Date Fields  (Label)

5 Free Number Fields  (Label & Selection Values)

5 Free Yes / No Fields  (Label)

Once you add these fields to an Assortment, you may go into the actual item cards for that assortment and can modify the look and feel of the screens with the designer.  Remember that you will need to modify three screens for each card.  These include the View, New and Edit screens.

Through a Customization that can be done by an Exact SDK Development Partner, it is possible to add more Free fields to this Item Card and  associated Assortments, while keeping the ability to upgrade to stay current with versions.  We are one of the Exact Recognized SDK Development Partners (worldwide only 23 organizations are recognized) that have undergone specific customization training.