In all of the Search Results screens, such as Account, Contact, Item, Assortment, People (Resources), Opportunities, Projects, Workflow, Documents and others that I have not mentioned – you may set the page size to see the information from Synergy Enterprise’s database.

While viewing the results, you may increase / decrease the number of results displayed on the page.  As discussed in a previous Tip, each Person (Resource) may modify their personalized page value, without affecting others within Synergy.  However when you increase the number of results displayed, you loose the column headings.

But Exact has created a “Freeze Pane” option at the top of every Search Result page.  When the “Pin” icon is placed in a down position view – the Column Headings will stay on the page.  When the pin is facing left, then the headings may disappear as you scroll down.

To change the setting, highlight the pushbutton and use your left muse button to select Freeze or Unfreeze.