In the HRM Module / Reports / Miscellaneous, there is a report labeled “Training.”

A couple of items need to be tackled before this report will provide valued information.

1.  A workflow request needs to be created for training, which can have a series of four steps.

2.  In HRM / Setup / General / Settings, there is a section labeled Training, with workflow requests that you create can be used for this report.  Add these requests when you use the Edit function to add one or more requests to the Training listing.  (I t seems like requests that are displayed in this listing have the “Person” field checked in the request definitions under Actions / Planning)

The one negative to this procedure is that there is no hyperlink in the HRM card that will display all of the trainings that this employee has undertaken.  This would need to be an SSRS Report and linked to the HRM Resource Card.

The report will need to be created by yourself and available under the “Reports” in a Monitor section on the HRM Resource Card.  We are modifying one of our template solutions “Employee Training – Recertifications” on our website to create a report and also some Event Manager triggers to notify HR staff of upcoming required trainings by employees, based upon new hires or schedules (which may be required by regulations) for refresher training procedures.