Out-of-the-box Synergy Enterprise allow a user to use one or two fields to create hyperlinks to either Synergy pages or other external website addresses.  The two fields that can be used are the Remarks: Request and Remarks: Workflow fields.

URLs or e-mail addresses placed in these fields will be automatically converted to clickable hyperlinks by Exact Synergy Enterprise when the Remarks field is “Frozen” or cannot be edited.  The hyperlink is automatically created for:

•URIs that begins with “http://”, “https://”, or “ftp://”
•E-mail addresses in the pattern of “email@domain.com”  Note that the “mailto:” prefix is not needed

The caution on using these fields is that you are eliminating the use of these long text free fields for other comments and notes.  You may find that you may not use these fields due to its other uses.

An alternative solution can be the incorporation of our Free Fields Tool which adds 20 additional long text comment fields.  The URL functionality is available with the 45 New Free Text Fields (along with the standard 15 Free Text Fields).