Importing of Accounts can be done with two tools that are included with Synergy Enterprise.  Each of these tools can be found at “Customers / Entry”.  The two options include:

  • Accounts Batch Entry
  • Accounts Import Wizard

I have found that the best tool to use is the Accounts Import Wizard.  This will allow you to import values fro an Excel spreadsheet. Free Fields can be imported that are included in the Excel spreadsheet.  Importing can be done through either a CSV format or an Excel (*.xls) format.  Fields that are defaulted for all of the accounts include Division, Project, Account Manager, Account Type and Financial Account (Limited use).

You will create the Excel spreadsheet and map the columns to fields into Synergy.  As an additional benefit, you may save the mappings, so that if you import frequently, you may use a Excel Template for all imports and not have to map each time the import is completed.

The Accounts Batch Entry only allows the addition of 10 Accounts at a single time with a very limited number of fields.  No free fields can be used with this tool.  Information such as Sector, Subsector, Classification, Size, Manager, Project, Reseller and Manager are all limited to a single value.  It is very limiting for importing and should be used as the last option.