Within the Preferences / General / Menu: Appearance / Appearance directory, you will find the drop down box which allows a corporate logo to be inserted onto your Synergy screens.  Your two choices include:

>  Pictorial

>  Textual

As a personal choice, I like using the Textual option.

The key difference is the size allowance of the image file (a JPG must be used).  The dimensions for the Pictorial view are 104 x 80, while the Textual view are 130 x 40.

If your logo needs height vs width, the probable choice is the Textual view.

Depending upon the look of your corporate logo, I would recommend trying both options as you begin the personalization of your Synergy.

And don’t forget to put in a hyperlink to your corporate website, go to the Corporate (settings) / Logo / Hyperlink path.  This will allow your employees to go to your website when they click on the logo.