You create a workflow request, but have a need to continue to follow the status of this request.  One solution is that you can go to the Request Search screen and enter the search criteria and find it.  Seems like this is a very manual process to remember to follow the request and have to search for it.

There is a better way using the Request Notification Synergy Enterprise function.  It has been in the product for quite a while, but is infrequently used.

Once you create and save your request, go back to the request and you will find an icon on the Upper Right hand menu that looks like a Blue Balloon with lines on it.  (If you hover over it, you should get the message – “Alt Z  –  Follow Changes to This Request.”

Click on this icon ( or use the Alt Z keyboard entry) and when the status changes on this request, proactively Synergy will place a notification in your workflow.  No action is needed on your part, the notification will state – “Notification of Change” with the Action column, it will display the word “Check.”  This means that no work is needed on your part, only the notification that this request’s status has been changed.