Especially on Start Pages, you may wish to have a preselected Pivot Analysis views from links on the document.

Placing this link in a document requires a change to the building of a normal hyperlink. To use this option, follow these steps:

> We recommend that you open Synergy in two seperate browsers windows. This will make it easier to copy and pastethe URL.

> One browser should be pointed at the Pivot Analysis result page. The second browser will be at the page that is to have the hyperlink inserted.

> Rather than right clicking on a screen and selecting the properties, we need more information for the hyperlink. Instead, click on the Favorites icon in the upper right portion of the screen (The image is a star).

> Select the URL and copy it

> On the other browser, select the document and place some words or images in it.

> Highlight the text / images and click on the icon “Insert Link”. Paste the URL on the first line on the pop-up box.

> Save the document. When you reopen the document, this hyperlink should bring up the Pivot Analysis that has been linked.