On an Item Card in Synergy Enterprise, you will find two fields that may need to be displayed using the Customize button.  These fields can be used for notes or long descriptions on the item card.  Using these fields, we have fields that are approximately 2 GB in size or 1 Billion characters.   I was looking for creating as report with these two fields for each item.

To give you an example of the size of these fields, I can reference the War and Peace book by Leo Tolstoy containing about 1,400 pages and 600,000 words – which may equate to be 6 million characters. In this field, you could add 166 copies of the entire book into each of these fields.  Let’s just call them unlimited size fields.

The fields include:

1.  Note – Placed into the table “ItemCountries” and linked to the Items table with the field ItemCode.

2.  Text Description – placed into the table “Items” and lined to the ItemCountries table with the field ItemCode.

What is really unique about the “Note Field” is that it is linked to the countries that are linked to the item.  This means that you can have this field for American English, English, Spanish and languages in Synergy Enterprise for long descriptions.