This is one of those, why did I not think of this idea.  Cees Meuleman, a Synergy Consultant at one of Exact’s European Resellers provided this tip.

For people who manage a Synergy application one of the things we do is change request definitions. Synergy provides a log in the request definition where you can see WHAT has been changed, but not WHY it has changed. In the past I have run into situations where a colleague or consultant made a change or I made one, but so long ago I couldn’t recall why. Often the Why is just as interesting as the What (especially when auditors want an overview of changes).

For organizations with a change management process you can track the changes, but it often takes time to make an overview.

Here is my modified tip suggested by Cees.

1) Add a section to a request type, name it “Change Log” and make it Active.

2) Add a Comments Free Field, such as Remarks: Request, Remarks: Workflow or one of our Free Comment Fields (offered in our Additional Free Fields Tool)

3) Whenever the System Administrator makes a change to a request definition, include the reasoning behind this modification.  Make sure that you use the “Edit: Freeze (Everyone)” in the Edit section in a request.  If you have a multiple Type Request, you cannot do this in standard Synergy, so this would be the rationale for you to purchase our Free Field tool (described above).  Our tool also gives you 20 more Free Text unlimited characters fields (and another 230 free fields) to use in requests. And allows our Comments fields to be frozen in Multiple Type requests.

4) If you wish to get more sophisticated with this tab, I would suggest that you also purchase our Workflow Request Field Security tool.  This will allow you to hide the Change Log screen to everyone except those individuals with a specific Role.  The tab would be visible, but not the information linked to itself.  They will see a tab that says “Change Log” but with no information.

If using this option, create a new Role in Synergy and link the Workflow Request Creators for New Flows.  In the Request field when sing our tool, make sure that this role is selected.

So in the future if myself or anyone wants to see what has changed, they will have the reasons for change available where you would expect it to be displayed, in the request definition itself.

Additionally, has created an Excel Spreadsheet that a System Administrator can use to document the use for each of the Request Fields in a workflow.  This spreadsheet and accompanying manual is free for anyone that requests it from me.  Send me an e-mail to