It is great to create and place documents into Synergy, but like any tool, these documents may need to be reviewed in summary.  This can assist in making sure that people are using the Document types that have been created or linking them to Accounts /  Items.

In Synergy Enterprise, you may go to Documents / Reports / Statistics and you will find eleven reports (with alot of graphics for quick analysis).

I like to review the Document Types and see their usage as compared to other document types in the system.  Since alot of my work is with Accounts, I find it useful to look at the report –  “Top 20: Accounts.”  This shows me which account has the most links with documents.  A third one which I look at is the “Top 20: People” which shows the number of documents linked to each resource.

To manage your document structure and usage in Synergy Enterprise, take a look at these reports and views.