When working with Documents, it is often necessary to change characteristics of multiple documents in a single process.  Synergy Enterprise provides the ability to make updates to various documents.

To begin this process, it is necessary to do a search in Synergy Enterprise under documents.  Once the search results have been displayed, there is a button at the top of the screen – “Maintenance”.

Click on this button, and you will see that you can modify the following fields, rights and tags:

  1. Security Level
  2. Type
  3. Project
  4. Division
  5. Edit Rights
  6. View Rights
  7. Add Tags

Once the selections have been made, click on the “Update” button to complete the process.  It may take a short while if many documents are to be changed in a single process.

This process cannot be undone, so you should make sure that the correct selection of Documents and fields.  I also suggest that you filter your selection for the first time and try it on a few documents, before doing a mass change.