An organization may have multiple products in their sales portfolio.  And these products may have different sales cycles which need to be monitored.

In Synergy Enterprise, you are able to have multiple Sales Cycles.  One of your products may have a very short cycle which needs to be tracked.  It’s cycle could be as simple as:

  • Inquiry
  • Product Demonstration
  • Decision

A second product line could have a long sales cycle process that could include steps such as:

  • Initial Call
  • Initial Visit
  • Needs Analysis
  • Product Demonstration
  • Detailed Product Demonstration
  • Proposal Presentation
  • Negotiations
  • Signed / Rejected

You can create multiple sales cycles ad have them for reporting on CRM views such as the Funnel Report.  One funnel for the short cycle and one for the more detailed sales processes.  This may help you manage your opportunities more efficiently and provide more meaningful data for management review.