I always try to use the Freeze Option in building workflows for the Remarks: Request and Remarks: Workflow fields.  When information is placed into a workflow request, I do not want any Resource to have the ability to delete this information.  So I use the option “Freeze (Everyone)” as my default when building new requests.

With a Multiple Type Request, the use of the Freeze function is unavailable for use with these two fields.  When you attempt to save the request definition, you will get an error message stating “Not allowed: Entry: Multiple for Freeze Remark”

There is no workaround to this issue that I have found in standard Synergy Enterprise.  Sure you can make the field uneditable but visible in the definition, but new data cannot be added to the field.

One of our tools that we offer ( Additional Free Fields in Workflow Requests) increases the number of fields that are available in a workflow request.  We add 20 Comment fields (similar in functionality to the two fields listed above), but they allow the freezing of data being stored.  If Freezing of data is important to you in multiple type requests, contact us for more information.