Many of you use Synergy for workflow requests where the process flow is from one employee to another. Using Multiple Type requests allow you to create the same request to multiple employees at the same time.

As an example, you wish to send 15 employees a document for an upcoming meeting. Rather than creating 15 seperate workflow Requests, use a Multiple Type request and select the fifteen employees that you wish to notify. Add the document only once along with additional fields that you need going to all employees.

To create a multiple type request, go to the workflow request definition and enter a value under the General Tab / Entry / Multiple. Save the request type.

To use this request, you need to go to the Request: New page and select a workflow request. Make sure you click on the Multiple Link next to the name of the request. Once you click on the request, a new page will be displayed, asking which fields you would like to be repeated on each of the individual requests that are created. Select the fields by checking them. You may also modify the Layout / Rows if you wish the system to allow entry of more that the value displayed.

If the number of “Rows” shown is less than what you need – you do not have to do anything. When all of the fields have been selected, click on the New button and your workflow request will be displayed for use.

This is a handy function of Synergy Enterprise which is not used as often as it should be for communications.

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