A Synergy User approached me earlier this week with an inquiry.  I would like to have a sales forecast associated with each sales opportunity.  Their organization doesn’t look at an opportunity as a one time sale, but a series of transactions over the year.

Our initial discussion pointed him in the direction of continuing to use a sales opportunity for each account, but have a workflow request created listing each of the months and the sales person filling in the expected sales amount for each opportunity.  Then SSRS Reports could be created showing the budgeted amounts for the account and actual sales in Macola.  This could have worked for him (and others) as a solution.  Each Opportunity would have a forecasted sales request linked.

Thinking through all of the other possibilities, we came up with another idea.  Add some additional fields on the Opportunity Card to store the monthly value forecasted by the sales person.  As we started adding the free fields, we discovered for twelve fields we would have to do a combination of 5 Free Number fields, 5 Free Amount Fields and 2 Free Text fields.  In creating a report, this would be a nightmare, we decided to forgo this and rethink.  Without any customizations, the best we could do out-of-the-box was add a quarterly sales forecast.  For some organizations, this may be a great solution.

However for them, the solution required one of our tools, Opportunity Plus, which added 130 more fields, including 20 additional number free fields that allowed us to place on the card the monthly expected value.  This is the best solution from creative thinking to execution of the idea, using Synergy functionality.