Pictures are a special type of entity within Synergy that hold reusable graphic images used in the development of website portals, as one standard function.

Four types of images with Pictures is allowed with the saving of new pictures.

  • Document
  • Button
  • Background
  • Logo

As you venture into Portals, you will find that images used in their creation are necessary.   Before you are able to load an image onto a Portal, it must be previously saved into Synergy via the path Documents / Setup / Pictures.  Click the Show button to view all of the existing pictures or allow modifications (Replacements).  The New button will allow you to add new buttons.

In the website development, you will see that various sections require certain image types.  They include:

Frame – Lefthand uses only Logos

Frame: Background uses only Backgrounds

Frame – Lefthand Menu uses Buttons

I have yet to use the Document option, since all searches within the website development for Documents go to the Synergy Documents list, not the Pictures / Documents listing.