In Synergy Enterprise, there exists some very simple reporting tools that allow ad hoc reports which may be saved for future reviews or as a one-off analysis.  The Pivot Analysis Tools exist in the following modules:

  • Human Resources
  • Customers (Accounts)
  • Opportunities
  • Contracts
  • Workflow
  • Documents
  • Logistics

I have looked over Exact’s documentation and have found no single document that provides guidance on this functionality.  For now, I recommend that you go to the various Pivot Analysis functions under the Reports tab in the appropriate section.

Select the “Pivot Analysis” icon under the Analysis section.  Then select a Row and Column in this section.  Click on the “Show” button to refresh the screen.  You will now find results from your search.  Many of the fields in the results will hyperlink you back to the listing of accounts, documents, workflows, etc) that meet the criteria that can be selected from the top section.

With the lack of information on this functionality, I will be publishing a document soon describing more in depth the use of this powerful reporting tool.