This information comes from a number of Synergy Enterprise documents that were placed on Exact’s portal this last week.  This topic is primarily for Macola Customers, but the information may be useful to JobBOSS or MAX customers using Synergy.  I just haven’t explored this topic with those packages.

Synergy Enterprise can display a Sales Price and Costs on the Item Card.  From Macola products, this is the Price and the Standard Cost of the item at the Primary location.  As far as I can see, You are not able to view other warehouses that may have different prices or standard costs.  Or if you use other costing methods (average or last cost), you are out of luck, without our recommendation.

Exact published a document on Friday that discusses the problem in further depth.  It is document 26.615.355.  It discusses the rationale behind Synergy’s World Price and Country Price.  And the integration between Macola and Synergy for these discrepancies.

It goes into depth, but the understanding that I have is that if you use multiple warehouses with different prices and costs – it cannot be viewed easily in Synergy.  If you have multiple warehouses with separate prices / costs, the following solution will be desired and should be your primary response.

What I recommend is creating a SSRS report pulling data from Macola with the different locations and their sales price and costs.  This would be done from the IMinvloc_sql table).  One of our tools allows an SSRS report to be placed on different cards in Synergy (such as the Item Card and others), without having to click on another hyperlink or two to take you to the information.  I would suggest using this tool and eliminating the fields from being displayed under the Prices section in Synergy.

Your staff can easily view all of the locations, prices and costs (and if you may add to that report current inventory quantities) – you can enhance your Synergy view by Resources.  The information is automatically refreshed when you enter the Item Card.  No hyperlinks to click, just view the information.  This can also eliminate any pricing errors that may be provided when viewing the Item Card in the standard Synergy screen by your employees.