Synergy Enterprise provides a simplified method of being able to have a request created once the previous request has been placed to its final status. This is called a Process Flow, and can be found at the same spot that you would create a new workflow request. The difference is a button at the top of the screen labeled “Create: Process Flow”

These process flows must be created prior to its use, just like a standard workflow request. All of the workflow request must be created before you can successfully use this template.

With a process flow, information from one request will be placed in the following request, assuming that the same field is used in both. The standard Process Flow template may have a total of 10 stages (or less), each with its own workflow request and status on when to be created by the previous request..

This process Flow does not allow any logic to be built into itself. It must always go from one request to another. Unlike a synergy request and the use of the Event Manager based upon a field or series of fields can move into multiple directions.

Multiple Process Flows may be created in your Synergy. You may find some value with this solution. Check it out.