Many of you may not be aware that Projects in Synergy can be linked with financial data within the Macola products (Progression, Macola ES or EM10) to allow information to be tied together.

We have an organization that attends many trade shows annually.  They create the project in Synergy and link all sales orders / purchase orders to the project, so that a P&L statement can be created.  For other back-office products, we may be able to do a similar process through the use of a user defined value field.

This Project Management can provide valuable information for the budget and planning process for their organization, deciding on which shows brought in the most revenue per dollar spent.  You may also use it to keep track of all of the steps necessary for attending a show.  (More about using Projects and Child Projects in a future tip)

Talk to your Synergy Consultant for using this function with Synergy and your Back-Office software.