In Synergy workflow, when creating a new request, the ID of that request is not visible until the request has been saved and reopened.

In this time consuming process, a Resource must:

  • Create the workflow Request
  • Save the Request
  • Go to the Workflow Search (or other options exist, such as searching from an Account Card)
  • Find the Request
  • Open the request, and you will find the ID of that request, which may be used as an RMA or other identification to your account.

A much simpler way is to use our tool called “Save and Open.”  With a single keystroke, you may save a workflow request and immediately see the request id at the top of the screen, along with the rest of the request.  No more searching in Synergy when you need to find this information.

You can activate this function by placing some code into any workflow requests that you have in your system.  You may not wish to have all workflows with this functionality.  This code looks at our Add-Ons and creates the button and functionality.

For the month of August, we will be providing this add-on at $100, with the purchase of any of our other tools on this site.  We do require the addition of Exacts Enabling Add-On License for this tool to work.