In the path “Customers / Entry / Quotations” you will find that Synergy has the ability to create quotes. These quotes can go back to Globe, but not any other Exact Software products.

I have reviewed this functionality, to see if we could do anything for customers needing quotations that would stay only in Synergy. While it may work for some customers, there are a lot of limitations on its general use. They include:

> The quotation screen cannot be modified easily

> Common fields necessary in a quotation are not available

> The item must exist in the Synergy database

> The price does not seem to pull from the Item Card

I am very excited about some new functionality that we are exploring in Version 254. This would allow the creation of Quotes, Expense Reports and other type of forms in the Synergy Enterprise product.

It seems like this new function can allow for custom fields, searches that may be created and used and additional fields to be added to the screens. More on this new functionality in a few weeks.