Using this Synergy functionality, a System Administrator can rebuild (fix) a request when its definition has changed.  This is true when the changes involve the Status Change steps (Approve, Realize or Process).

When the rebuild process is completed, all corresponding workflow requests need to be updated based upon your changes made.

This process may be required when information in the Absences table becomes out of sync with the RequestTasks table.  Both of these tables need to be in sync to work properly.

Anytime you change the flow (status changes) for a workflow request – it is important that you run this process.  The path to use this tool can be found under Workflow / Setup / Workflow: Actions / Rebuild.

Based upon the selection that you make, different drop downs or data will be used.  For example:

If ID is selected, you may enter the Request ID that needs to be rebuilt.

If Category / Type is selected, You must enter a Category or Request Type – the Created Since date is optional.

If Person is selected, You must enter a Resource.

Once selected, click on the “Rebuild” button and your process will be completed.