In Synergy Enterprise, under Customer, there exists a status of an Account called “Reference.”  For an Account to become a Reference Status, they must be of the Type of Customer / Reseller / Division.  The first two types seem very logical, but I do not see a need for Divisions to become References.  (Perhaps one of my readers can provides some additional information.)

A useful function of this status, would be to designate specific Customers or Resellers as those accounts that you may wish others to inquire about a level of service or commitment to your organization.

To turn a Customer or Reseller status of Reference, you must be in the edit mode of that account.  At this point, there is a button at the top of the screen labeled “Reference.”  Click on this button and it will make the change.

In searches, when you use this functionality – make sure that you check the Type of Account to be Customer or Reseller and on the Status line – check the Reference field.

I believe that I have found a bug with the Customers / Reports / Accounts / References view.  It does not seem to displaying reference accounts.  I am passing it onto Exact for their review.  (This morning, Exact duplicated the issue and it has been turned in as a bug.)  If you wish to list reference accounts, please use the Advanced Account search.