In Synergy Enterprise, your Resources can be filtered by Type and Status.  Here is a breakdown of the types and statuses used.


Employee  –  A Resource that is employed with your organization.

Contractor  –  A self-employed person that receives payment from your organization based on invoices that were submitted for services that were provided.

Student  –  A person that is an intern, with a defined End Date.

Temporary  –  A person that is employed by a Temporary Employment Agency working for your organization.

Applicant  –  A person that is applying for a position with your organization,

Vacancy  –  When a job is posted and anew employee must be found, you can create the vacant position and as Applicants are entered into Synergy, they may be linked to a vacancy.


Active  –  A Resource which has a Start Date of Today or in the Past and has either a null value or future date in the Contract End Date field.

Hired  –  This is used when a New Resource has agreed to work for your organization, however their Start Date is in the future.

Inactive  –  The Contract Date of the Resource is filled in with a date previous of today.

To Be Approved  –  In a Process Flow for a Vacancy, this field allows us to identify that a Vacancy is pending for approval (With Workflows).

Fulfilled  –  An Applicant that has been placed into a Vacancy.

Rejected  –  An Applicant has been Rejected for the Open Vacancy Position with your organization.

Future  –  This field is used when you have a future vacancy appearing.  This could be for all “Types”.