A Role in Synergy Enterprise defines the function rights of a Resource that is assigned a specific role.  In other means, it is a way to group multiple Resources into having the same access levels.

A Role may contain one or more Resources that are assigned.  When you need a new Resource to join a specific Role, all that is needed is to add them, and all function rights are given to them

They are commonly used in Workflow Requests when You wish to have a task sent to multiple persons, rather a single individual.  When you build a request, it is much simpler to send it to a role and assign the Resource(s) to that Role.  The as Resources leave the organization, you are not changing the request definition.

Roles have no Function Rights assigned to them, other than the standard Roles that come with a Synergy Implementation.  Some of these that are included in your implementation are General Manager, Controller, Marketing Manager, HR and Customer Manager.