Synergy Enterprise offers several search pages for the viewing of data stored. You can search for accounts, contacts, documents, requests, opportunities, projects, contracts, resources, items, assortments and many more topics.

Besides defining which columns to display, resources can also define how many rows are displayed per page. I use 100 as my default for many of my screens.  However, when I am exporting the list to Microsoft Excel, I extend the page size to be greater than the count of data rows.  This way it is possible to show the complete list on one page or export.

Define this per result page for every search that you use.  Remember that the values that you set will be remembered by Synergy for your log-in and will not affect other resources.  To change the. This can be done by adjusting the page size on the bottom right of the result page. You define how many rows you want to display and click ‘Show’.

Page Size

The value that you’ve entered will be remembered for next time you use that search.  A separate value can be set for every search page you encounter in Synergy Enterprise. This enables you to define that you always want to view 1200 rows when searching for contacts, while you want to view 100 rows when searching for projects.