With the Sales Opportunities functionality in Synergy, you are required to build a Sales Cycle.  If you are like me, you may have quick sales, such as my tools or longer term sales such as a new site sale.

The steps required for both of those sales opportunities is completely different, so I recommend having multiple sales cycles.  For a quick sale, you may wish to look at a sales opportunity, such as a three step:

  1. Qualify
  2. Demo
  3. Quote

For a longer term sale, you may try these steps:

  1. Initial Call
  2. Initial Visit
  3. Needs Analysis
  4. Product Demonstration
  5. Proposal Presentation
  6. Negotiations
  7. Signed / Rejected

As you are building these sales cycles, remember that the workflow requests must be previous created.  Using the same fields in them can mean that information from one request can flow into the following workflow request created by Synergy.