From some Exact Documents that I have found, I would like to share with you information on Sales Opportunities within Synergy Enterprise.

What is Opportunity Management?

Opportunity management is the process of managing a sales opportunity ( which may be a quote for some organizations) from its inception through its closure.  A sales opportunity is considered closed when it is either won or lost.

The objective of the opportunity owner (sales person) is to progress the opportunity through the various phases determined by the designated corporate strategy in order to close the opportunity in the shortest time possible with a positive result.

Opportunities are extremely important to an organization.  If effectively used and monitored, they can be a yardstick to measure potential revenue in the sales pipe line in order to budget and plan accordingly.

Sales Cycle

A sales cycle is a collection of steps that needs to be taken from the moment an opportunity has been spotted until the moment the deal is lost or won.

Typically, this has been previously defined by Sales Management.  The steps that make up a sales cycle process for a company depends on several factors.   They could be the type of products they sell, the type of customers they serve and the market they operate in.

Within your organization, the steps of a sales cycle process follow most of the time, a more or less fixed flow.  Every time a certain milestone in the process is reached, the sales cycle process goes to the next stage.  During the sales cycle process, all type of data needs to be collected and stored that is important to the people involved and/or responsible for the sales cycle process.

For each defined sales cycle the organization determines the number of sales cycle stages, names them and links request types to each stage.

Depending on the products and business cycles, some organizations may have more than one sales Opportunity type, with different milestones.


An Opportunity is the center of every new sales cycle.   In Synergy Enterprise, the opportunity card offers the possibility to store and retrieve sales related information, which is of great importance to manage and control the sales cycle.

An opportunity can be a massive marketing campaign (similar to using Projects in Synergy) or a potential sale to one customer.  Important information such as the account involved, the owner of the opportunity, and which sales cycle to use are stored on the opportunity card.

When an opportunity is created, the first workflow request of the sales cycle process is created automatically when the opportunity is saved.