Synergy Enterprise includes the ability to track Sales Opportunities for Sales Staff, allowing Management to view Funnel Reports and other views in determining future business transactions from customers.

Two of the fields in an Opportunity include:

Contact Roles
This field is used to identify individuals that are associated with this Account (and they each have an existing Contact Card) to a single opportunity.    This field can be used to specify the influence that they may have in this opportunity (Decision Maker, Influencer, Power User, Product Review of the Project)  Using this information can help you and others viewing this card, information on who is interested in this opportuntiy, which may be different with all of the contacts on an Account card.

Partner Roles
In many organizations, partners may play a big role in a sales opportunity process.  One or more partner may take place in an advisory role, acquisition of hardware or software, or consultants on business processes.  The list and reasons needed to use partners can be very extensive.  Currently in ESE, only one contact person from a partner firm can be added on the Opportunity Card.  Multiple firms may be added, but only one contact from each.

I have placed an enhancement request with Exact to allow multiple contacts from the same firm to exist.