I am frequently sending e-mails to accounts with large size or quantity of attachments.   I wish to save these e-mails into Synergy, but it seems to be a waste of disk space, when I save the same document over and over again .

The solution that I have found is using a service such as Hightail.  When I send e-mails with stock type of documents, I use Hightail for the storage download of the document.  I always add my e-mail to the cc copy and when it returns to my Inbox, I save it to Synergy.

Here is an example of an e-mail that was sent to a prospect.  Note that the name of the attachments are listed at the top of the e-mail.  This makes the information available to me that I had sent without overloading the database.

There is a small monthly charge for this service.  I also use their Outlook add-on, which makes it easier to add attachments to the e-mails from within this Microsoft Product.  They offer free trials.  And I am not connected with their organization, only a satisfied monthly customer.  Give it a try.