In Outlook, it is possible to save a Synergy Document (or multiple Documents) to an outgoing e-mail.  This functionality has been in the Synergy Office Integration (SOI) for quite a while, but it is often forgotten by users.

This can be extremely useful to Resources (especially Sales or Customer Service staff) to select a Synergy document (such as a brochure or service manual) and send it to an account.  Using Synergy to store these types of documents will ensure that the most recent version will be selected.  (Especially if the Document Versioning function is enabled)

To use this function, when creating an e-mail in Outlook, click on the Attachment icon on the Synergy ribbon (displayed below).  Select a Synergy document for inclusion with this e-mail.  The Synergy Search screen will appear, allowing you to find the required document.  The same process can be done to link a series of documents to this e-mail.

Just finish the e-mail and send it.