You may link a single or multiple attachments to a single Synergy Document.  This may be an e-mail that is saved via the Synergy Office Add-In or through the creation of a Synergy Document.

Just saving documents in Synergy is just part of the solution.  Finding a document (and it’s attachments) is required to assist Resources with their daily workplace activities.

To search for a document with it’s attachment(s):

1. Open the Advanced Documents Search page by clicking the Documents / Reports / Document / Search

2. Click on the “Customize” icon on the top right hand portion of the Menu: Documents age

3. In the section that is labeled “Document” – check on the option that is labeled “Attachments” and save the page

You now have the field “Attachments which will allow you to search for all or part of the names of the attachment(s)

Searching for Attachments