While searching in Synergy, you will find that 15 result values is normal for many of the screens, before a new page needs to be selected.  Every user can create their own unique number of search results to a single screen.  Your particular values will not affect any other employees selections.  Here are my thoughts:

1.  On the CRM / Workflow / Documents / Items / Projects Search, keep the number down to no more than 500

2.  In a workflow, I max out the number of fields when building them to the total available fields in the list.  This saves me a lot of time while building the requests.  Since I have our Free Fields tool, I keep them at 500 also.

When I need to do an export of data and wish to have them all displayed on the same page, I can set my limits much higher.  However, I change the value back before I close out Synergy, so that I do not have any degradation of speed in my searches.