Synergy Enterprise allows the grouping of accounts by the type of account that they belong with such as Customers, Prospect, leads and others. This is great when I wish to search my accounts by the type of account.

In many businesses, it is important to further segment types of accounts so that these relationships can be further defined and searched within Synergy. The first field that we can use is “Sectors.” Examples of using Sectors may include:

> Manufacturer

> Distributor

> Professional Services

Whatever works best for your organization can be incorporated into this field. The default values when Synergy is installed may be deleted for your specific needs.

The Subsectors functions allows you to further group your accounts. For each sector created, you may have an unlimited number of subsectors. As an example, under the sector of Manufacturing you may find:

> Die Casting

> Plastic Molding

> Resin Casting

> Centrifugal Casting

These would not be displayed for use, unless the sector displayed is Manufacturer.

Some customers identify their Sectors and Subsectors through the use of SIC or NAICS code structures. It is a wise decision to speak with your Synergy Consultant before the creation of Sectors and Subsectors to gain further ideas on they may be used for your business.