I cannot take any credit for these reports, as I found them in one of the Linked In Groups that I subscribe to. Full credit needs to go to Cees Meuleman who is a Senior Consultant at VCD CSS (a Netherlands Exact Software Business Partner).

Cees haas created a set of six SSRS reports which can be used to provide the required information for auditors regarding the security setup of your Synergy Enterprise installation.  Their is no cost for these Reports, simply send an e-mail to me and I will forward them to you.  dkloepfer@donas.com

Report 1) Role Definition Overview
This report show an overview of the contents of each role by linked function rights, workflow, and documents.

Report 2) Resources Linked to Roles
This report show per role which persons are linked to it.

Report 3) Roles Linked to Resources
This report show per resource which roles are linked to him.

Report 4) Role Assignment & Changes
This report shows the assignment, changes and removals of roles per resource during a given time period.

Report 5) Delegation Overview
This report shows who can delegate who and which roles they would have access to by delegation.

Report 6) Requests which have been handled through Delegation
This report shows requests which have had a status change by a person under delegation.