You are aware of the different security levels within Synergy for accessing data such as documents or workflows.  Security Level 100 means that the following Resources (Roles) are allowed to access this information:

  • The Creator / Owner of the information
  • The Resource linked to this information
  • The Manager of the Employee linked to this information
  • Employees with the Role of HR and HR Assistant based upon the Division of the employee linked to the information

Indirect Managers are never allowed to see this information that is secured with this Security Level of 100.  However, there is a setting that will allow you to specify the number of management layers above the direct manager which may see this information.

The setting for this is in the path is HRM / Setup / General / Settings / Privacy.  The values for this field range from 0 to 20.  If 0 is selected, only the Direct Manager may view the information.  If the value is 20, then the direct manager and all indirect management layers can access this information.  Values between these two numbers will allow upward access dependent upon your hierarchy set in Synergy.