As you poke around the Logistics / Reports / Search – you will find two reports that are available to be displayed.  Both of these reports work when Exact Globe is used as the Back Office Accounting, Distribution and manufacturing modules.  Customers using other Exact / Non-Exact back offices will generally not have information in these fields.

In a workflow request, you are allowed two Items (Item 1 & Item 2) and two serial numbers (Serial Number 1, which is item 1 and Serial Number 2).  You may be building a request that might take advantage of these Serial (Lot / Batch) numbers, but you will probably not get the information you are seeking.  Two possible scenarios may be of interest to you.

#1 – Use the Event Manager or a stored procedure to move this information from your back office modules to the Synergy tables, such as the ItemNumbers and supporting tables.

#2 – Use our Browse Tool from to search in real time other SQL tables such as in MAX, JobBOSS, Macola or other products and you are required to select a valid field response from the list provided.

Both of these options could link a valid item and Serial / Lot (Batch) Number into a request.  Without these two options, Non Globe users may not find value with the Serial / Lot (Batch) numbers functionality in Synergy Enterprise.